Hand-painted magnets ¨envelopes¨

10,99 tax incl.

Set of three handmade and hand illustrated unique magnets ¨envelopes¨.

Welcome to my little ceramic world of illustrated ceramics !!

I don’t know about you but I love writing letters and everything what is related to this process….hand writing on beautiful paper, sticking a postage stamp and finally… cute envelopes!!! They became my inspirations for creating little ceramic magnets.

This cute trio was made from white clay, drawn in copper brown and covered with transparent glaze.

It will look beautiful, attached on your kitchen fridge, magnetic board e.t.c. by strong neodymium magnet.

This set contains three magnets.

* Each piece is unique,100% handmade and can be slightly different than the one on the pictures but there is no major difference in general look of the product.

In stock

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