Flying magnet ´´bird´´

3,65 tax incl.

Handmade and hand illustrated unique  magnet ´´bird´´.



These cute birdies were made from clay, painted in black, drawn and covered with transparent glaze.

They love  to fly even when attached to your kitchen fridge, magnetic board e.t.c.  by strong neodymium magnet   on the backside of their wings.

Four types of birds to choose.

Their approxim. dimensions:

Bird nr 1: 4.5cm x4.5cm

Bird nr 2: 3.8cm x 3.8cm

Bird nr 3: 3.6cm x 4cm

Bird nr 4: 4cm x 4cm


Choose your favourite one!

You can also buy them all as a set which you will find in my other listings.



* Each piece is unique,100% handmade and can be slightly different than the one on the pictures but there is no major difference in general look of the product.




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