¨Ketill ¨- rustic aromatherapy 3 in 1

39,00 tax incl.

Let’s meet ”Ketill” – rustic ceramic essential oil diffuser and candle lantern in one.


”Ketill” was made by my hands, from stoneware clay in a beige white colour,glazed with white glaze inside. Fired in 1240C degrees.

You can use ”Ketill” in different ways:

1) as an essential oil diffuser
2) candle lantern
3) palo santo / white sage etc. burner

1) Pour some water with a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a small bowl on top. Light a candle and place it inside. In a moment you will feel the beautiful aroma of the oil spreading gently in the room.

2) Light a candle, put it inside the diffuser, take off the upper part and enjoy the warm light of the candle.

3) Remove the little bowl from the top of the diffuser, take the palo santo santo / white sage and place inside the bowl. Light it up and feel its special aroma in your room.


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This diffuser is a 100% handmade product and can show marks of this process. Any inequalities, scratches or spots are not accidental, they constitute the uniqueness of each individual art that I create with passion and love.

* Each piece is unique and can be slightly different than the one on the pictures but there is no major difference in general look of the product.

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