¨Dís¨- incense stick and palo santo holder 2 in 1

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Let´s meet ¨Dís¨- handmade ceramic incense stick and palo santo holder in one.

This rustic, wabi-sabi piece was made 100% by my hands from brown clay and fired in 980C degrees.

It is perfect for daily use as a great relaxation helper as well for rituals of clearing the house from old energies.

How to use it:


Take an incense stick and place it in the hole situated on the side.
Light an incense and feel its pleasant aroma.

Using incenses in your home helps you to create calming and relaxed atmosphere. You can use also use it while practising yoga and meditation, the scents helps with relaxation and focus.


Take a piece of palo santo, burn it and place on the wider side of ceramic holder. Enjoy your moment of relax and clearing old energies!

Palo Santo works very well for clearing a space of negative energies, or refreshing a room in your home after visitors.
You can use it either to clear a space of negative or unwanted energies,for meditation and energy rituals.

This handmade ceramic piece is a perfect gift for those who love relaxation, meditation and aromatherapy, as well as for those who just appreciate nice energy and atmosphere at home.

Approx. dimensions:

Diameter: 10.5 cm / 4.13 inches


*This incense piece is a 100% handmade product and can show marks of this process. Any inequalities, scratches or spots are not accidental, they constitute the uniqueness of each individual art that I create with passion and love.

* Each piece is unique and can be slightly different than the one on the pictures but there is no major difference in general look of the product.

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